My submitted pic for my lyft account

from Instagram:

YouTube doesn’t like it when you play the radio in the background

Life as an Uber driver – Intro

Cute husky puppy loves noming

due diligence dense

bequeathed and bespe?cled with dearth laud
this one now summons storm proved plain faced bawd
for to lament a spell away
yet perchance found amiss come day

those done due diligence densely do
balk banal but be bane blamely boo
caterwaul cater catholic cues claimed
acknowledged as asinine then asundered disdain

these reveries sweet root further still
further than theirs further ?foot fill
such languish dulce time sums blessed
found this one them no not them wrest

amicable some;s soon may see yet
the brazen red blazing bleed red sunSet
of vigors temerit now surely to heed
their lofty fate auctioned to die gleely left to bleed