Initial Commit is dedicated to helping you learn how your favorite open source projects are coded. Our hope is that insight into code will inspire you to:

As our first project, we picked arguably the most popular software development tool on the planet - Git. We checked out the initial commit of Git's codebase, thoroughly documented it with inline comments, and wrote a guidebook detailing the code step by step. We're offering this book in various digital and print formats - scroll down for details!

In the future we plan to add to our series by documenting the initial commits of other popular software programs including MongoDB, Bitcoin, and more.


The Baby Git Guidebook for Developers is intended to accompany the Baby Git project created by Jacob Stopak.

Baby Git refers to the very first version of the Git codebase written by Linus Torvalds (the creator of Linux) in 2005. Baby Git is written in the C programming language and consists of about 1,000 lines of code and a total of 7 commands, and they actually work. The simplicity and "smallness" of the code make Baby Git the perfect codebase for you to study to learn how the code works. The fact that one of the most popular and useful tools in software development Image of the official Git logo history is so simple to understand directly from its initial code is an amazing thing. This guidebook makes the learning experience even easier, by delving into Git's original C code in detail to help you learn what makes Git tick.

Image of the cover of the Baby Git Guidebook for Developers

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